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Blackfin: The Black Edition – The Latest in Titanium Eyewear

Superior strength yet incredibly light. Designed for today with tomorrow’s technology. Glasses in form and function, but innovation in essence. This is, of course, Blackfin, the renowned Italian eyewear brand focused entirely on producing some of the world’s finest titanium glasses. Now, their ingenuity in eyewear has gone truly stratospheric with the launch of Blackfin Black Edition.

As ever with Blackfin, the future is now. With this collection, you don’t just get incredibly strong, durable and lightweight titanium glasses, you get ground-breaking new technology at your fingertips. Every time you pick up your Blackfin glasses, you are donning the results of the latest revolution in nanotechnology to hit eyewear.

Blackfin Nano-Plating Treatment™

Once again, Blackfin Eyewear has blended sharp designs with even sharper thinking, thanks to their technical prowess when it comes to all thing’s titanium. Take a single glance at these glasses and you’ll see the difference this range has to offer with its striking colouration. This is owing to Blackfin’s patented nano-plating treatment™. Each of the 10 optical styles in this collection is made from high-quality titanium coated with vaporised metal particles.

Sandridge Blackfin Black Edition
Sandridge – Blackfin Black Edition

So how does it work? First, the frames are placed in a vacuum. Next, metal is vaporised through a process called sublimation. Atom by atom, the metal is deposited on the surface of the frame. The result: stunning colours and extreme durability.

The latest glasses from this Blackfin collection offer elegant gold coatings finished with details in pale amber gold, ancient rose gold, obsidian black gold and imperial yellow. With sleek, smart lines, these glasses exude sophistication.

Blackfin BF850 LEVEN COL- 963_6
Leven – pure titanium glasses from the Blackfin Black Edition

What’s more these glasses won’t just look amazing when they are first out of the box. Blackfin nano-plating treatment™ ensures their coating continues to shine year after year, resisting wear and tear, for glasses that always look brand new.

That’s Not All…

A knack for pushing the boundaries of technology has long been a hallmark of Blackfin Eyewear, which is why their latest collection offers up the subtle feats of design innovation that we have come to expect from them.

Blackfin’s Sharlock glazing system means lenses can be seamlessly fitted into super thin 0.5 mm titanium inner rims without using screws. Swordfish temple tips offer up break-off guides to easily shorten the temples in just 3 simple moves without any special kit. The Atom Zero screwless hinge can withstand opening and closing a staggering 50,000 times without loosening.

Charleston Blackfin Black Edition
Charleston from the Blackfin Black Edition

Needless to say, here at The Optical Studio, Blackfin is one of our favourite brands, with the latest collection living up to our high expectations of this future-forward company. We’re certain you’ll be impressed too. So get in touch with us at The Optical Studio – your opticians practice in Farnham, Virginia Water and Pimlico, to find out more about Blackfin Eyewear today.