Special Offers

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We have teamed up with Essilor for the ‘Be a Modern Hero’ offer exlusive only to independent opticians: Order any pair of Essilor Crizal UV lenses and get a second pair of lenses  HALF-PRICE!
Essilor’s Varilux lenses offer super sharp vision at all distances, from near, to far, with smooth transitions in between. Varilux progressive lenses help you see better effortlessly with unique technologies resulting from over 50 years of innovation.

5 reasons to wear Varilux:

  1. Clear vision at any distance Near or far, the Varilux range gives you clear vision whatever the distance.
  2. Total comfort in any task Whether at work with a computer, using a smartphone or tablet screen, or simply reading the newspaper, the Varilux range provides total comfort.
  3. High resolution vision in any light Varilux ‘X Series’ lets you enjoy greater contrast and sharpness. The increase in quality is comparable to a full HD TV over a standard television.
  4. Dynamic vision steady in motion Great for sports and staying active, the Varilux range allow you to see perfectly – even in motion. Lenses are tailored to your visual behaviour.
  5. Quick adaptation All Varilux lenses are tested and approved by wearers to ensure your satisfaction, including fast and easy adaptation. With Varilux lenses adaptation is guaranteed.

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