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Eye Examinations

Here at The Optical Studio, our goal is simple…to offer the most comprehensive eye examination tailored to each of our patients. Using the latest in eyecare technologies such as Optomap Wideview and 3D OCT scanning, we offer longer appointment times to ensure you receive a detailed and well informed eye examination.
Prescription Check
Ocular Health Assessment
iCare Tonometry * (Intraocular Pressure)
Visual Fields*

Optical coherence tomography 3D Scan (OCT) Learn more

Advance Visual Fields*

Optomap (Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging) Learn more

Duration of consultation
45 mins
60 mins
60 mins
Private Adult Fees
NHS Adult Fees **
Free under NHS
Private Children Fees
NHS Children Fees **
Free under NHS

* If clinically required
** If entitled for NHS examinations

  • Contact Lens Fitting and Aftercare
  • £60
Request an Appointment Online or Contact one of our branches if you have any enquiries about our eye examinations.