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Coming Face to Face with Face A Face Paris!

Drawing its inspiration from contemporary art and modern architecture, Face A Face Paris is the current brand on the eyewear scene to watch, or even better, to wear! Designed with the vision of creating glasses with character, these daring frames are a must-see for any fashionista. This month, we’re proud to announce that the new collection of this fashion-forward brand has arrived at The Optical Studio, so let’s learn a little more about these remarkable glasses. Explore the latest collection of designer eyewear London on our website.

Face a Face glasses

Where It All Started

Extravagant and striking, this Paris-born brand offers everything you’d expect and more from a collection produced in one of the fashion-famous capitals of the world. Designer Pascal Jaulent treated his frames as though they were small, delicate pieces of architecture, experimenting with volume, shapes, materials and textures. Handcrafted and assembled by skilled craftsmen in both France and Italy, this audacious brand is certainly full of passion and personality, with a contemporary, cutting-edge style which epitomises modernity.

Artistic Concepts for Fashionable Frames

Setting itself apart from the rest, Face A Face allows you to reveal your own sense of style and personality through your eyewear choice. The range boasts a rich and original colour palette – one of their iconic trademarks. Famed for its distinctive designs, the construction process of each frame varies dramatically from one to the next. So, what can you expect from some of these captivating styles?

Face a Face glasses

The Bocca collection has always been a popular choice for glasses wearers. This feminine range uses seductive designs as their inspiration. The arms of each frame are formed to resemble legs leading up to a stiletto, presented discreetly and elegantly.

True to the brand’s intention of creating eyewear suitable for both men and women, the Picca collection encompasses modern graphic designs alongside classic art.

Face a Face glasses

Lightly painted using careful strokes, transparent frames are used with a dramatic burst of colour to represent a lightning strike. This futuristic yet timeless collection uses a complex lacquer technique to apply the paint, which dries in just 3 hours.

Inspired by iconic figures of the 50’s is the Keith range of Face A Face glasses. A powerful collection which uses strong colours and prominent brow bars to show strength and masculinity. New combinations of striking colours such as electric orange and anthracite grey can be expected from this fearless collection.

See Them, Love Them, Wear Them

We’re thrilled to have new models from this exciting, statement making eyewear brand across all our practices now! Visit The Optical Studio – your opticians in Farnham, Virginia Water, Pimlico and Dorking to browse the new collection!