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New Eyewear Alert – Introducing Einstoffen!

For anyone who has an eye on design trends, it would have been hard to miss Einstoffen, as they took home four prestigious Design Awards in the last 2 years. The Optical Studio can now offer people in the UK the chance to benefit from the prestige of this lifestyle brand at our opticians in Farnham, Pimlico, Dorking and Virginia Water. We have added designer frames from this collection to the wide range we already offer customers at all of our branches.

Who Are They?

einstoffen unchainedSelf-described as ‘where the raw nature of the Alps meets the urban lifestyle of the metropolis’, Swiss lifestyle brand Einstoffen hit the fashion scene in 2008 bringing young, innovative energy to many a sartorial subsection, including eyewear. They bring humour and individuality to their products while keeping a strong attachment to the natural world through their materials and accents.

Natural Materials

At this Swiss designer, quality is everything. They apply high levels of consciousness and control to the crafting of each set of frames so that the results are as organic and beautiful as the materials used to construct them.

einstoffen unchained


The grain of wood contains history and texture as standard making it the perfect material for stylish frames with depth. Einstoffen apply 12 layers of veneer to each set of wooden frames so that they are durable as well as aesthetically stunning.


Like nature, these designers create clever and tactile illusions. Their stone glasses have the smooth, polished finish of stone straight from the Alps, but they are lightweight as well. This is due to the cross-laminated layers of wood that form the core. All materials are responsibly sourced, and the wood comes from FSC-certified forests.

einstoffen unchainedMetal

Einstoffen harnesses the power and quality of titanium in the newest addition to their eyewear range. Light, indestructible and yet with delicate, micro-engraved details that speak of distinction and subtlety. This designer eyewear collection is for those who want to take their look to the next level.


Horn glasses contain smooth striations that pick up the light and create a soft luminescence. This is the height of luxury and transmits an impression of taste and discernment. Einstoffen horn comes from sustainable sources while still maintaining the kind of quality you should expect from your designer eyewear.

einstoffen unchained


Einstoffen frames come in many different shapes and sizes. Their ethos is strongly slanted towards individual expression while still incorporating the great looks and trends of inspirational film and music icons. Having enough variety to find the right look means you feel confident and able to take on the power of superstardom for yourself.

Take the Next Step

Taking care of your eyes and looking great go hand in hand at The Optical Studio opticians in Farnham, Pimlico, Dorking and Virginia Water. You can come in to browse our frames or book an appointment for an eye test and we’ll walk you through our collection afterwards. Einstoffen sound great on paper but that’s nothing compared to the way they look and feel when you wear them. To give yourself that experience and enjoy a new level of designer eye care, contact us today.